Design challenge and detailed place process

By the end of the subject, students were tasked with delivering a set of design ideas for the site, a vision and implementation strategy for the sustainable development of Brolga Lakes.

As this was a live project development, students were required to understand the legacy of a disused mining site and the toxic waste, to go beyond site and build in ecosystem functions for the restoration of the site and adjacent natural areas. Rather than design for people first, students were required to design for ecosystems first and partner with nature to support the emerging social and economic dimensions of the site.

The site visit was held on the 1st of August and guided on site by Laurel Johnson (UQ), John Mongard and Danny Raymond (eco-engineer). The site visit provided students with a firsthand experience and feel for the site. To witness what the site was actually like and how it was attached to a wider ecosystem.

The students investigated the eco-system value of the site through review of multiple technical reports.

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